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The Canadian Paramedicine Educators Chapter is a proud chapter of the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC). The PAC is the national association for the profession of paramedicine.

The Canadian Paramedicine Education Chapter (CPEC) will provide access for all students, educators, full time faculty and sessional, as well preceptors to a national chapter for the purposes of information sharing, professional development, community of practices, member services, and collaboration.

Extend the intentions of educator and student groups currently developed across Canada by bringing all stakeholders together within the chapter.


The PAC works with the CPEC to ensure success in:

  • Partnerships for the purposes of implementation of the Canadian Paramedic Framework.

  • Development of the Canadian Paramedicine Accreditation Program.

  • Becoming recognized as the collective of subject matter experts in paramedicine education.

  • Providing a mechanism for educator voice within the development of education standards and best practice.

  • Providing national database of educators and preceptors, and education institutions.

  • National collective to develop educational research funding process/grant writing support

Join the community today and see what a membership can do for you.

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